Politicians and youth connecting on a social network?

Yes, it's possible and it happens here!

What we believe

PYN's mission is to bring youth into the political process through connecting, discussing and engaging with peers and politicians. We believe that you don't have to be 18 to be involved in politics. You can start now - with PYN.



PYN connects youth and politicians through our video center, virtual town halls, mentoring, volunteer and internship boards.



The PYN community promotes discussions between youth focusing on issues and topics as they relate to and impact young people.



PYN engages youth with relevant and current information about news, events and happenings, both locally and internationally.

It's not apathy, we're just bored.

YES, voter turnouts have decreased over the last thirty years. And yes the youngest cohort is largely to blame. But it's not that we don't care; we just haven't been engaged and enticed by the process.

PYN addresses political boredom and ignites excitement.

Political boredom stems from a lack of engagement and involvement in politics. We're bored because politics-as-usual fails to speak to us and address our issues.

PYN gets us involved in the conversation early, now, before we're 18 with politicians who care. PYN is not politics-as-usual; it's where youth have a collective voice and where politicians participate to help further the democratic right of young people.

What's on the inside?

PYN offers the easiest and most ingenious way for youth and politicians to connect. Our integrated platform provides youth with an engaging social experience and politicians with a user-friendly, efficient way of tapping into the voices and opinions of youth.

Why PYN?

PYN is the only social network designed to connect youth with politicians, democracy and their community. The Political Youth Network equips the next generation of voters and ensures that all citizens have a voice in government. 

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Why people love PYN!

Not only is the Political Youth Network innovative and the answer to a call of boredom - but it's also fun and exciting. Both youth and politicians alike love the revolutionary platform. Here's what our users are saying.

Politics has always seemed unapproachable for young people my age. However with PYN, I know my opinions matter because politicians are actually listening.
As politicians we make decisions that affect the lives of youth under 18. PYN allows me to integrate the voices of youth into the decision-making process.
There's so much going on in politics, it's often difficult to stay informed and the information just gets lost. PYN synthesizes everything.

Now that you know how great we are, what are you waiting for?

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